About Us



Selfkreation Professional is a leading Personal Care Electronics company structured to deliver best products and delighting services to clients.

Our Products are made with high consideration of genuine materials and best quality to deliver fantastic results to our clients. Our products are Hair Straighteners, Hair Curling Tongs, Hair Dryers, Hair Clippers, Hair Brushes, Beauty products and etc. We have constant efforts to improve our products with requirements of clients.

Selfkreation Professional Appliances offer a high-end professional hairstyling appliances. Selfkreation Professional Appliance Systems feature genuine tourmaline technology. This is the breakthrough scientific mineral that is known for its cuticle healing and hair smoothing properties. All Selfkreation Professional Appliances are made with special heat-stability ceramics to ensure even temperature control.

Quality control has been a priority for our products which immerges Trust in our clients, over the period of time.

Selfkreation Professional is a well respected professional beauty care company. They provide genuine state-of-the-art technology to their loyal distributors, salons and consumer clients.



“We believe in Reliability, Durability, Trust and Promising Service to our clients. We want our salon professionals and consumer clients to connect the name “Selfkreation Professional” with quality, durability, reliability and peace of mind in knowing that you will own a specialized product and one that will yield professional results … every time!”